Actionable Knowledge

This week was about getting a direction for the concepts. Using the information from the different research
methods, I'm trying to figure out how to frame the mapping system in a useful and interesting way.

Interesting talks with Mattias Andersson and my classmates have brought some questions and ideas in this regard.
I got in contact with the term "actionable knowledge" that defines information from which you can take actions and
make decisions. I guess that this has been the main issue with the project so far. I am struggling to find a focus where
this experiences around the city can turn out to be actionable knowledge. Maybe it doesn't have to be. I am not sure.

So far I have been trying to let the answers come from the research and the data collected and now I think, and have
been strongly supported by Rahul, to turn around and start making decisions and use the research to validate them
with the users.

The questionnaire brought some expected answers, but also some interesting ones. In the purpose of using maps,
curiosity appeared more than once, for example, but FIND is the most common word.

It was very interesting to see the answers for "which device do you use to capture your experiences". This kind of reply
really makes me believe that the territory should be the map.

This week in Umeå the exhibition about maps at the BildMuseet came to its end, and several of the artists were present
giving talks and workshops. On Tuesday I attended with Mats Högström a small conference by Bureau d'Etudes, a
group of artists from France working with mapping our current social landscapes. They make visible through their maps
the power and associative relationships between entities that affect our lives directly or indirectly but that are usually
not so clear to the common citizen. Other artists follow the same line of work, such as Beppe Grillo or the american
webiste They Rule (2004).

This is one of the big questions. Can I make the city talk throught the maps?

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