How could the graphic interface of an infusion pump reduce the mistakes in administrating drugs and dosages to patients in a stressful and fast paced hospital environment?

The task was to understand the possible mistaken paths and try to reduce their chance of occurring as much as possible.

Having the chance to talk to nurses and explore some scenarios and possible graphical solutions, I reached a solution where the steps are all visible, allowing the nurse to maintain the step by step process in her awareness, reducing the cognitive load and the chance of mistakes.

Using orthogonal axis structures the UI: the vertical direction marks the process, capped by the power button on one extreme and the start button on the other. The horizontal direction marks the adjustments, keeping negative, reductive or cancelling actions on the left and positive, confirmation and increases on the right. 

The symmetry in the display makes it uncluttered and accessible, clearly offering the affordances. Written messages complement the visual communication.

After the redesign, informal testing showed a hight degree of satisfaction, with the humanization of the UI.

Try it out in the prototype.

Umeå, Design Institute, 2006