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Fulfilling a childhood dream


When I was a kid, all I could think about were cars, and from early age I was an avid reader and
collector of car magazines.  Every year I waited anxiously for the issues with the pictures from
the international motor shows, specially the Geneva Motor Show, with the european concepts.
At that time, words such as design were not part of my vocabulary, but I was already fascinated
by form, shape and those marvellous machines.
Going to the Motor Show this weekend took me back in time, and realized a dream of a young
boy, that would later become a designer, not a car designer, but still fascinated by the forms
and shapes and now also by the interactions and experiences that surround the automobile
in all its expressions.
My strongest impression from the show was the amount of space dedicated to green, or eco
themes. Almost all the manufacturers showed either a model, a concept of a range of techno-
logies dedicated to reduce significantly or to zero the polluting emissions. Green for some and
blue for the hydrogen were everywhere, and even the oficial guide magazine brought the theme
on its editorial note: "A car can be beautiful, efficient and economical in terms of consumption
and polluting emissions. This revolution was necessary and vital" writes the editor in chief of the

The revolution is not only made of engineering achievements. Interaction design also plays a role
in it. In the Eco Panda concept by FIAT, a USB drive is stuck to the dashboard and records the car's
emissions according to the driver's style. Later, plugging the USB to the computer, a software
analyses the data and instructs the driver on how to drive more efficiently.

See more pictures from the Motor Show here

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