Logotypes and Symbols
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From left to right: 1. Logo designed for the Manguinhos Workshop- School project. Fiocruz, 2002. 2. Logo designed for urbanism research department of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2003 (never used). 3. Logo designed for logisitics and transportation engineering consultancy firm. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2003.  4. 50th anniversary comemorative symbol. designed for Instituto Abel highschool, Niterói, Brazil 2004 5. Logo for the Nuclear Engeneering Insitute, Rio de Janeiro, with Glaucio Campelo, Unidesign, 2005. 6. Logo for the Nacional Center of Folklore and Popular Culture, with Rita Horta, 2006. 7. Logo designed for psychology workgroup Niterói, Brazil 2004. 8. Logo designed for a Pilates studio Niterói, Brazil 2004.  9. System of logos for State Parks Authority in Rio de Janeiro, with Glaucio Campelo and Mariana Dourado, Unidesign, 2004 e 2005. :: previous project :: next project