Facebook directions

In this project I both managed and executed the getting directions experience from the maps in Facebook to the HERE applications in all touch points. I had to envision the experience and make sure teams in Facebook and in HERE had all the information necessary to connect the dots, providing an end to end experience with a high degree of pressure and expectation.

From the HERE side there was big expectation that this connection would drive more downloads and active users of the native Android app.

The key task was to understand all the different intentions and needs from the stakeholders and find a solution that balances all of those in the best way possible. Specifically the balance between the users experience, how that would fit Facebook's experience and how that combo matches HERE's expectations of both a smooth end to end experience and the business needs was quite challenging.

Working with Facebook was a lesson in metrics and the use of data in the design process. Mapping out the pathways between the different Facebook experiences and the HERE destinations, attaching metrics to each of those branches and using this in the communication was crucial. 

One piece of this experience that was the interstitial screen that handles the URL intent in Android where a given action can be handled by multiple apps that are installed or to be installed.

Finding the right experience for this connecting link took many rounds and shapes, settling in creating an experience that provides value for users immediately - through displaying the route in that window and using this value to drive the business needs.

The continuation of the work focused in adjusting the entry points, finding the right call to action to manage users expectations and fine tuning the experience in different ways, and creating deeper engagement models for users where they could benefit and solidify the active usage of the HERE properties.

Most important, back to the role of data in the conversation with Facebook, that drove a tighter usage of metrics inside the HERE team, where I partnered directly with the marketing intelligence and product teams designing and implementing listeners, analytics processes and numbers and use this data in a consistent and actionable way.

These actions drove improvements to the active users numbers but below the expectations of the company. The link still works in all the touchpoints and the key outcome for HERE was the new process and the learnings related to the usage of data. 

See the interstitial project for more details.

Berkeley, HERE, 2014-15.