photo by Katri Niemi

as a designer and as a person I believe in poetry, I believe that there's beauty everywhere, and in everything.
Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder and it is up to us to design the world we want to live in.

People need services and products that are human in their engineering, design and business approaches,
that emulate and behave as a soulful laughter or a warm hand from a friend. Let us design ways that
these are never scarce. I believe that  we are not so different in our core, and that borders,
papers and legislations need to evolve and catch up with the web and nature. Let's design for this world,
and design a world where there's more flow and connection and less barriers and friction.



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• 15+ years of design experience • 5+ years in design management and leadership • creative direction
• product definition • concepting & brainstorming • 10+ years designing experiences in digital platforms mobile & web
• design specification • information architecture • wireframing • prototyping • user-centered design methods
• agile methodologies • design strategy• design thinking • workshop facilitation



10. 2017 – present
Mobile design lead
Xoom, a Paypal service, San Francisco, CA

01. 2016 - 10. 2017
Design System for Healthcare - Creative Director
GE Healthcare, San Ramon, CA

01. 2015 - 01. 2016. 
Head of customer solutions design - (WEB . Android •iOS•mobile)
HERE, Berkeley, CA

07. 2013 - 01. 2015. 
Senior UX manager/ Design site lead-(Android •iOS•mobile)
HERE - Local Knowledge, Cambridge, MA. 

12. 2009 – 07. 2013
UX manager - Web and html5 experiences - (desktop and mobile web)
Lead UX designer -
Interaction Designer - Route planning on

Nokia/ HERE, Berlin, Germany 

(07 – 12). 2008
Interaction Design: internship program in the User Experience dep.
Siemens Corporate Research. Princeton, USA.

(01 – 06). 2007
Graphic Design: WOZZOP, weekly informative of the Umeå Institute of Design.
Umeå, Sweden.

12. 2006
Graphic Designer: Exhibition catalogue - Free lance design for the National Museum
of Folklore and Popular Culture, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

(02 – 08). 2006
Product Designer: Design of point of purchase fixtures for the North American market.
Cormark Inc. Rio de Janeiro/ Chicago.

01. 2006
Graphic Designer: development of the museum corporate identity and two exhibitions.
Free lance design for the National Museum of Folklore and Popular Culture, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

(11 – 12). 2005
Graphic Designer: development of the Athens 2004 Olimpic Games report for the Brazilian Olimpic Committee.
Free lance design for Soter Design, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Graphic Designer: LULA de PELÚCIA exhibition collateral (shown both in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo).
Free lance design for artist Raul Mourão. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

02. 2003 – 10. 2005
Graphic Designer: Editorial design, corporate identities, exhibition design and signage systems.
Unidesign, Rio de Janeiro.

06. 2002 – 06. 2005
Graphic Designer: posters, brochures, exhibitions, books and signage systems.
Historical Heritage Department at FIOCRUZ, Rio de Janeiro.

11. 2001 – 06. 2002
Product Designer: Production coordinator + graphic design.
Vimoso craft-furniture industry, Rio de Janeiro.

07. 2001
Editorial Designer: Veja Rio, weekly magazine production.
Free lance design for Abril publishers, Rio de Janeiro.

05. 2000 – 06. 2001
Graphic and Interactive Designer: exhibition design, intranet interfaces, art catalogs and websites
Marcos Martins Design LTD, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Editorial Designer: ARCOS issue #2. academic publication from ESDI:
With professor João de Sousa Leite. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



2006 – 2009
MA Interaction Design Umeå Institute of Design,

Umeå University, Sweden.

1997 - 2001
Bachelor in Industrial and Graphic Design from ESDI –

Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial (Superior School of Industrial Design) –
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



02. 2012 . Multilayering course tutor - complex data visualization techniques.
Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå, Sweden.

(01 – 07). 2008
Interaction Design: internship program in the Work Practice Technology group
Xerox Research Center Europe. Grenoble, France.



"Designing bridges to the digitally divided",

in SiDer conf. Proceedings.

"Toward an Expanded Model of Litigation"
Benedetti, V; Castellani, S; Grasso, A; Martin, D; O’Neill J., in Desi II workshop Proceedings.



05.2012 – 06.2013
New Cartographies exhibition and symposium. [in collaboration with Campo arquitetura e Design]

• Co-authorship of the winning project for exhibition and symposium of Pró-Design competition, held by Rio de Janeiro City Council •
Creative direction on graphic collateral for website and experiments • Cartographic expert overview on exhibition and project definition

Display Screen Icons patent - Mr. Squircle Icon/Character Collection.

DM/080802. - Granted: January 30, 2013
Inventors: Vitorio Benedetti, Tanja Neubert, Ricardo Santos, Raymond Ho

Method and apparatus for providing personalized presentations based on navigation information.

NC72211US (P4026US00) • Issued: November 3, 2011
Assignee: Nokia Corporation Inventor: Vitorio Benedetti 

50th anniversary commemorative seal to Instituto Abel Highschool
Niterói, Brazil winner

Supervia train station, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil awarded honorable mention


Design Focus

user centered design,
design patterns,
role of design in corporations,
design communication,
inter-disciplinary collaboration
information design,
maps, cartography,
complex data visualization,
history of the book and writing.

Language Skills

portuguese: native language;
english, fluent;
italian: advanced;
spanish: intermediate;
german: intermediate;
french: basic;
swedish: basic.

General Interests

photography (flickr page),
literature, , 
outdoors/ hiking/ camping,